Does influencer marketing actually work and is it effective?

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Does influencer marketing actually work?

Let’s make it simple: Yes, it does. Though, it needs to be executed correctly. What is more, it will not go away anytime soon. Not only is influencer marketing the most effective way to re-engage and motivate customers. Influencer marketing is also a trusted, authentic and valuable marketing practice. Additionally, it can be a more powerful than celebrity endorsement. As well, it is more robust and trusted.

As social media has become a more integrated part of our daily lives, influencer marketing has exploded. Social media has given “normal” people the chance to build their own brand. This you can achieve through the right content and engagement. Moreover, since more and more people are joining social media networks every day, companies have understood how they can leverage these platforms for their marketing practices. Furthermore, every social media platform has its own benefits.

According to SocialMediaToday, there are amazing benefits influencer marketing can provide you and your brand. Influencers can not only build very quickly strong and trusted relationships with their fans, but influencer marketing offers also the possibility to reach and position yourself better online with higher brand awareness. As a brand, you do not only reach your target audience in a simple and effective manner, but you also provide an amazing value for your audience. What is more, bonding with an influencer can be the start of a long-lasting and powerful relationship. This connection can benefit you both.

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If you are still wondering if influencer marketing fits to your company or brand or you are still asking yourself the question “does influencer marketing actually work”, then have a look at the following section.

How effective is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is definitely effective. In fact, according to statistics from the Digital Marketing Institute:

  • 70% of teenagers trust influencer more than traditional celebrities
  • 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations
  • 74% of people trust social networks to guide purchasing decisions
  • 71% of marketers believe influencer partnerships are good for business

What is more:

  • 2/3 of marketers promote content with the help of influencers
  • Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method

As you can see, the answer to the questions “is influencer marketing effective” is clearly, “yes, it is”. This type of marketing can be very effective. It even has become one of the most popular tactic for many brands, whether they use well-known or not well-known influencers. According to the article of Mediakix, in 2019 even 80% of marketers stated that influencer marketing would be an effective marketing strategy. For brands, it can drive quality traffic, increase awareness and boost sales. This it can do especially, when using discount vouchers for your influencers to promote your products.

Even the ROI gathered through influencer marketing campaigns is considered to be better than with other marketing channels with 41%.

To conclude the execution of our answers about the questions: “Is influencer marketing effective” and “how effective is influencer marketing”, we can just say that it’s better late than never to try it. It is crucial for a brand or a company to enter the world of influencer marketing nowadays with suitable guidelines. Developing influencer marketing campaigns are a must. We reached and are truly in the age of influencer marketing.

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