The most popular different categories of influencers

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As many other people, you have probably already wondered what the different types of social influencers are. In fact, influencers can be segmented depending on their number of followers, on the social media platforms they use but also the sector they are specialized in. Here you will find more about the last category and the biggest 4 types of influencers. The different categories of influencers we are going to talk about in this article, are the following ones : fashion/beauty, health/sport, food and travel.

Learn more about the different categories of influencers :

Fashion & Beauty Influencers

These influencers are evolving in a very selective world of fashion shows and beauty launches. Being passionate in a first step to be one of the most famous influencer such as @ChiaraFerragni . However, behind this, it is also needed to be influent and to get lots of followers. Since this field has many influencers, people need to find what will differentiate them, either their personality or their style most of the time. The more uncommon and popular they are, the more valuable for brand they are as well. This is one of the main reasons that this field has become more professional with photo shootings for example to show that you can show great quality on social media in terms of fashion and beauty.

Health & Sport influencers

In the last few years, these influencers have become really popular with the general rise of search for well-being. It has been shown for years to the society that it is important to practice sport, eat well, not to sweet or salty and not too fat. These influencers can be two types of person : someone loving sport and healthy food for a very long time; or it can be people which are currently in a process of change in their way of life. In both cases, the followers are usually more interested about the way their influencers has followed to arrive where they are rather than the final result. Beside the fit men/women, you can find influencers with different purposes. They can be following a certain diet (vegan, gluten free, etc) or trying to fix their weight until they are satisfied.

Food influencers

They are quite a lot of them on social medias. This is probably due to the fact that food is easily accessible, and that people can try it anytime. It is happening quite often that a recipe becomes popular due to influencers. The latest example is the famous recipe of roasted feta and cherry tomatoes with pasta which became viral everywhere. From chef to individuals, food influencers are sharing short reels or IGTV. Through these, they show their favorite recipes online to their followers.

different categories of influencers
Travel influencers

Initially travel lovers, these influencers are nowadays proper business men/women. They get to travel and share amazing shots with there communities. Of course, most of the biggest influencers are getting free hotel nights or free flights or get paid to advertise about a place or a city; however, they are still bringing some joy into their follower’s days by showing incredible landscape and photos. While these probably took about an hour to take each, influencers and helping their communities to dream and travel through them.

Now you know everything about the different categories of influencers !

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