The success of YouTube as a marketing platform

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There is a huge potential to integrate YouTube into your marketing strategy, there is no doubt about it and we will explain to integrate top YouTube influencers into your social media strategy.

With 1.8 billion connected users per month, YouTube is by far the world’s leading video platform. The problem is that there are many videos available, 400 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on the platform. At this rate, it’s hard to be visible on YouTube.

How to work with YouTube influencers, step by step, to achieve your marketing goals and improve your social media strategy? What is the strategy to build relationships with the most subscribed YouTube channels?

Youtubers as part of the social media strategies

1. Formulate your goals

To begin, you need to formulate your objectives. This is the first step. Would you like to reach a larger audience? Do you want to create buzz around your products or services? Or do you want to generate leads and increase your sales through YouTube influencer marketing?

2. Choose the right YouTube influencers

Here are the main criteria you need to take into consideration to choose the right influencers, those likely to ensure the success of your campaigns:

Relevance – You need to select YouTube influencers that are relevant to your products, services, industry. Their niche must be aligned with yours.

Reach – You need to choose influencers who have a sufficiently large audience. You only need to look at the number of subscribers to the channel to know the size of the influencers’ audience.

Engagement – Audience size is not a sufficient criterion. Quantity is important, but quality is also important, if not more so. You need to focus on influencers who have the most engaged audiences. These are, by definition, the audiences most likely to see the videos from your partnerships. To find out if an influencer’s audience is engaged, i.e. active, look at the comments.

Expertise – It’s always best to work with influencers who are familiar with your industry and the products or services you offer.

3. Trust influencers

Influencers know how to strike a chord with their thousands of fans. They know how to put authenticity into a sponsored video. So, one piece of advice: trust them, don’t try to impose a scenario on them, don’t give them advice. Give them complete freedom in the way they produce the video.

4. Produce user-centric video content

In marketing, content is king. What is valid for an email campaign is also valid when you work with YouTube influencers. Video is a really effective channel to convey messages in a way that is both efficient and digestible. Video is the marketing channel that plays the most on emotion, or at least the one that most easily addresses people’s affects.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you want to attract the attention of your audience, it is sometimes necessary to break conventions, to be creative.

6. Don’t forget the Call-to-action

A video with CTA allows, in addition, to generate a lot of traffic on your website and potentially generate a lot of sales. Moreover, it can also have a very positive impact on your natural referencing.

We strongly advise you to negotiate with YouTube influencers the integration of a clearly visible CTA in the video. A few tips:

  • Use good wording on the button.
  • Test several button colours. The button colour must contrast with the other colours in the video to stand out.
  • Position the CTA in the right places in the video, i.e. in the most engaging places, which are most likely to encourage people to find out more about / buy the product.
  • Use urgency elements to encourage the user to click right away.

7. Sign a contract with YouTube influencers

The fact that everything is written in black and white limits communication problems and conflicts. This helps to set the record straight and to establish a partnership relationship on a healthy basis.

8. Nourish your relationship with influencers

For your influencer campaign to be truly successful, you need to track how the influencer audience interacts with your content. All this involves several actions.

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