Top Social Media Influencer Marketing Platforms

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Find the perfect influencer marketing platforms for your business.

This article explores the various and most popular influencer marketing platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest among others, each platform has a role. However, it’s all about which one is best suited for the scope of the business. On one hand, we will look at influencer marketing strategies and how they can enhance your business. Additionally, will briefly give you the need to know of the many social media platforms available. Statistics have shown in a 2019 survey, that 80% of the respondents say influencer marketing is effective.

Top 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms


Facebook is one of the most used influencer marketing platforms, especially for micro-influencers. It is extremely effective for branded content ads. It is mainly used for sharing purposes since it relies on content sharing and engagement, Facebook is a very popular platform for community building. According to a study by Shopify 85% of all social media sales come from Facebook.


According to Forbes, Instagram is the third platform with the highest number of active users (more than 1.1 billion monthly). Instagram is soon becoming one of the favorites. There are many advantages to this platform, one of them being the visual side of the platform. This social media app relies on imagery to be successful, and that is one of the first reasons why brands choose it over others. 90% of Instagram users follow a brand and that generates average order values of 66$.


Every day, hundreds of videos are posted on YouTube, many of which contain brand deals and promotions linked to specific brands. One of the most recent and well-known examples is the case of the partnership between David Dobrik and SeatGeek (under review post-scandal) when the creator would have sponsored videos every month associated with the gifting of Teslas cars. This social media platform allows influencers to create longer content and also a more distinct poll of creators to choose from, who can adapt better to your brand.


This platform does something very interesting, they have their own Influencer Program. They have over 500+ people enrolled by invitation into the program, from different fields, with various reaches. To those in the program, it provides higher visibility and notoriety for those following, it comes with a stamp of approval. That is one of the reasons why LinkedIn is most effective for B2B firms.


Lastly, we have Pinterest, the go-to for brides and party planners. This sort of bookmarking tool has gained quite the following in the last few years. Out of the other mentioned platforms, Pinterest is less thought of when it comes to influencer marketing, but that does not mean that it is not beneficial for your business. Similar to Instagram, this platform relies on imagery, and according to TheShelf 85% of “piners” (Pinterest active users) have purchased something they saw in the platform, making their conversion rate one of the highest online.

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