What Are Twitter influencers and Who Are the Top Twitter Influencers Right Now?

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What are Twitter Influencers?

Just like many other social media channels, Twitter is an effective channel for influencer marketing. Twitter influencers are effective when a brand wants to focus on dialogue or conversation. According to Social Media Today, “today’s word of mouth marketing is often driven by creators on Twitter.” Although influencer marketing on Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok now focuses on a much larger user scale, Twitter offers advantages. Twitter influencers share a common factor of being able to voice their opinions in an authentic and relatable way. 

Today’s word of mouth marketing is often driven by creators on Twitter

Users on Twitter enjoy the engagement that comes when an influencer or brand responds to one of their tweets. This exchange leads to an increase in sales and conversions. The beauty of Twitter influencers is that there is a kind for every topic available. For instance, in the food industry, food influencers share tips on cooking, recipe ideas and recommend their favorite restaurants. The simplicity of a tweet makes it powerful enough to grab the attention of users and promote a certain product or service. Twitter influences can focus on large industries as well as more niche topics. 

In order to find those Twitter influencers, here are some things you should do

  1. Follow the influencer you that are interesting to you and message them
  2. Retweet some of their tweets that are relevant to what your audience is expecting 
  3. Share some of their posts on your Twitter page
  4. Follow them on other social media channels they are present on
  5. Send free products for them to test out

Who Are the Top Twitter Influencers Right Now?

The top Twitter influencers right now in terms of following are : 

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Katy Perry
  3. Justin Bieber
  4. Rihanna
  5. Taylor Swift
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo
  7. Lady Gaga
  8. Ellen Degeneres
  9. Youtube
  10.  Donald Trump

While these are the top Twitter influencers as of 2020, they are not realistic examples to use as influencers. We suggest brands use micro influencers which have a smaller following but provide more authentic and engaging content. 

What are the Different Types of Twitter Influencers?

Image of Seth Godin who is an example of a thought leader category in twitter influencer marketing and top influencers people should follow.

There are many different types of influencers. On a broad scale, there are micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and even mega influencers. However, when it comes to Twitter, influencers are identified as thought leaders, celebrities, experts, or networkers. After identifying your campaign objectives, you will be able to identify what type of Twitter influencer is best to represent your brand. 

  1. Thought leaders bring in new perspectives and give advice to their followers. An example of a thought leader influencer on Twitter is @ThisIsSethsBlog who is an author and entrepreneur who focuses on marketing and motivation. 
  2. Experts are extremely knowledgeable in a specific field and are experts. If a brand wants to build trust and credibility, an expert is the right type of influencer to use. Examples are certified nutritionists or doctors for example. 
  3. Celebrities are more self-explanatory but they can become brand ambassadors and focus on representing the image of a particular brand.
  4. Networkers are successful at having a large reach and have an impressive network. They usually help create conversations and help them spread across a larger audience. 
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