What is Clubhouse and Who are the Clubhouse Influencers?

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Many people are wondering nowadays what is clubhouse and how it works, and if clubhouse influencers already exist. Companies are also wondering if clubhouse influencer marketing is the new way to advertise. So let’s go briefly over what this new platform is and how to use clubhouse influencers as an advantage, in particular for micro-influencers.

clubhouse influencers

How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse is an audio-based app, meaning no faces are shown during the talks. Also, no records are kept, since you can only see what is available at the moment you log in. Being a non-visual platform is new territory for many, but it also allows deeper conversations and real interest as opposed to more superficial social media apps.

The app is drawing interest from all over the world, and unusual users step up. A lot of users wish to emerge in this platform because they see value in what the future holds. They also crave the impact that Twitter and TikTok had in the beginning.

The platform holds rooms at all hours of the day, so you’re bound to find something that will fit you. However, this comes with disadvantages, meaning that non-experts are free to talk and voice their opinions, at the risk of influencing others on topics where misinformation can be harmful.

In addition, many have also stated that the app could use some improvements to their user experience and that sometimes a “tribe” is hard to find since it does not keep a record of the likes and gives non-specific information about its users, and whether their worth following.

What about Clubhouse Influencers?

Getting into the platform is by itself a success. In order to sign up, you need an invitation. But that is not a barrier for clubhouse influencers to use the social app to spread knowledge, promote content, or even advertise. Currently, Clubhouse has a policy against brands having profiles, but that does not block them from arising.

These clubhouse influencers are building communities by creating a following, that otherwise, they didn’t have on other platforms. They are holding talks regularly and building trust to have open and honest conversations, that people seek. According to Wired, one of the best ways to navigate the platform is by following other users. Clubhouse influencers are being led by the app itself.

Clubhouse Influencer Program

The Clubhouse app now recognizes the potential of their most relevant and followed users. They have taken this information and created an invite-only “Creator Pilot Program” for a series of top influencers, similar to LinkedIn. Since there is a limitation to the rooms, users host their conversation (5000 people limit) and there is no recording of said conversations, their reach is still bound.

The way the program is being monitored is through a private digital “club” called “Everything in Moderation” supervised by the platform’s creators and by a WhatsApp chat.

So here is a list of the most followed Clubhouse influencers:

  1. Rohan Seth – 5.1M+ followers
  2. Paul Davison – 4.6M+ followers
  3. Tiffany Haddish – 4.4M+ followers
  4. Felicia Horowitz – 4.2M+ followers
  5. Marc Andreessen – 4.1M+ followers
  6. Jared Leto – 4.0M+ followers
  7. Chris Lyons – 4.0M+ followers
  8. Shaka Senghor – 3.8M+ followers
  9. Van Jones – 3.7M+ followers
  10. Ben Horowitz – 3.7M+ followers
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