What Is LinkedIn Influencer Marketing and How Can You Become One?

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What is LinkedIn Influencer Marketing 

LinkedIn influencer marketing is not as popular as channels like Instagram, TikTok, or even Twitter but it has proved to be very useful in the B2B market. Today, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. According to Sprout Social, there are about “600 million members and 300 million active users”. In fact, this platform is all about influence. All levels of expertise are available on LinkedIn and this makes influencer marketing on this platform very useful and effective. 

LinkedIn Influencer marketing focuses heavily on content as users like to read articles on the platform. This type of influencer marketing is great for brands that want to focus on more niche audiences. Sprout Social also mentions that LinkedIn is the “best lead generation tool for B2B social media marketers.”

What Is a LinkedIn Influencer

A LinkedIn influencer can be defined as being “well-respected thought leaders with specific brands that leverage social platforms to generate leads and sales for companies”, according to Inc. These influencers have a very strong impact on their audience and have the ability to build a loyal following. They provide their followers industry insights, through posts, articles, and videos. LinkedIn influencers produce organic content that has a credible audience. Therefore, they are extremely valuable to businesses. 

How To Find LinkedIn Influencers? 

This image shows LinkedIn's top influencer list for 2021 to reference what is said in the text.
  1. Identify your current positioning and niche 
  2. Head on over to LinkedIn’s own influencer list updated each year 
  • Here you will find the platform’s top list of influencers and users
  1. Use the search function and filter out what exactly you are looking for
  • This is done manually through the search bar
  • Ideally, you should come up with relevant keywords for your industry and business
  • Use Google keyword planner to find the perfect keywords
  1. Join Popular LinkedIn groups that are similar to your industry or interests
  • In order to select a group type in specific keywords related to your industry 
  1. Once you have an idea or list of influencers, simply contact them by message!
  • In order to contact them, you should connect with them by sending a personalized message through LinkedIn premium. We recommend you use persuasive and language to catch their attention. 
  • Sometimes, influencers will also have a contact info button on their page

Additionally, as an extra tip, always conduct thorough research on your influencers to understand what they represent and if they can be the right fit for your brand.

How to become a LinkedIn influencer?

  1. Make sure your profile is optimized 
  • Having a minimum of 500 + connections
  • Use a relevant header image 
  • Provide an interested and not too long “about” section 
  • Include a compelling headline
  1. Identify your niche target audience
  • This will ensure that your followers will actually read and engage with your content 
  • Your personal brand must reflect the niche you are targeting
  1. Post original and high quality content  
  • Written posts on LinkedIn should be thorough and detailed
  1. Network and Engage 
  • Take the time to reach out to others and interact with people’s comments by either liking them or commenting back 
  • This will allow you to create authentic connections and will help build your following and credibility
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