Who are the most famous travel influencers ?

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As influencers has been reaching most of the sectors, social media travel influencers are part of the Top 4 influencers. Most of the people are more likely to think that travel influencers are on sharing their holiday’s photos however there is a whole business behind this. In fact, most of them confirm that there is a big difference between being on holidays and sharing their feelings and tips about a destination; it is important to search for information, to get the best spots but also to spend a certain amount of time on the content they will share later on their social medias. In fact, from micro to mega influencers, the content is always the most important, so is it for the most famous travel influencers.

What is the job of the top travel influencers on Instagram ?

Nowadays, the social media travel influencers are a part of the tourism marketing. In fact, these influencers are promoting a country, a destination or even a hotel. They are doing so by sharing with their communities, photos and videos about these places. They are living the experiences that their followers could be living too by using their promo codes while booking for examples.

The most famous travel influencers are here to reinforce your dream about certain destinations such as the Bahamas in private lodges on the ocean or a helicopter tour in the most beautiful mountains. However, most of their offered travel seem inaccessible for their followers. This is the reason why you can observe a rise of a new type of travel influencers who are going to show more accessible places and activities and they would be sharing all of their tips to get the best travel as possible.

Who are the most famous travel influencers ?

Murad and his wife, Nataly Osmann from (@muradosmann) are part of the most popular travel influencers according to Forbes. This Russian couple became famous about 10 years ago, in 2011, by posting a single photo. On this one, Murad was holding the hand of Nataly who was leading him. This photo had a big impact. Now, it is now a very popular type of photography to do while on holidays. They are now reproducing this photo everywhere in the world and reached about 3.9 millions of followers. They created the movement #followmetoo where people are taking similar shots and posting this on social medias.

Chris Burkard, from the Instagram account @chrisburkard , has about 3.6 millions of followers. Before being an influencer, Chris is a photographer with lots of talent. He is specialized into landscape that he is sharing on his social medias. This type of content is slightly different because Chris is not putting himself or any other person on his shots most of the time. He is really about showing different places to his followers.

Jennifer Tuffen (@izkiz) is an English travel influencer with 2.9 millions of influencers. She is a more classical influencers. In fact, she is sharing different places as well as hotels and including herself in the photography. She makes sure that her feed is really colorful and inviting her community to travel with her.

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