Working with Global Influencer Agencies, which are currently the best?

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The role of global influencer agencies can be described as bridging brands and influencers, with a bigger focus on the side of the influencer.

These types of agencies strive at creating campaigns for brands who find the process of finding the right influencer, reaching out, developing, and supervising campaigns as an effort-packed process. Therefore, that’s where global influencer agencies come in. They distinguish themselves from influencer marketing agencies, by supporting the creator and acting more like a managing company to influencers.

In other words, they help brands from phase one, by discovering the proper influencer, assisting with the creatives of the campaigns, and accessing its success.

Because of their expertise, these global influencer agencies are equipped with the right tools to be able to match the right influencer to the right brand. Although negotiating the right fees can be bothersome, working with these agencies, can prove to be the best choice since they offer a full service and see-through every stage.

Influencer marketing is becoming a must for companies nowadays. Additionally, statistics have shown that people are more willing to buy based on an influencer’s opinion rather than a celebrity. Above all, many have stated they rely on social media for advice on whether to purchase an item or not.

In short, social media has proven to be crucial for businesses’ success and a huge booster of sales.

74% of People Trust Social Networks to Guide Purchasing Decisions

Digital Marketing Institute
The advantages of Global Influencer Agencies

That is to say, there are many advantages to relying on influencer agencies, as opposed to doing it on your own, such as:

  • Access to Influencer Marketing Experts, for instance.
  • Creates ongoing Marketing Campaigns that can have future endeavors.
  • Can produce much more Higher-Quality Content.
  • Possibly more cost and time-efficient, depending on the length of the campaign and the complexity one is looking for.
  • Establishes relationships built on personal connections.

Top 5 UK’s Global Influencer Agencies

Looking for British-based influencer agencies, according to The Manifest, these are the top 5 companies:

    • A relatively small company from a human resources perspective in addition to being less than 6 years old. Nevertheless, their client list includes power brands such as Moët & Chandon, Merrell, Muji and Flora.
  2. SGK
    • Even though SGK is notoriously known for its packaging services solutions, they have offices in Amsterdam, Munich, Paris, and Chennai, India, in addition to London. They believe in innovation and transparency and expect that of their clients. They have collaborated with Nike, Air France, Accor Hotels, and many other references in various industries.
    • An award-winning PR agency, primarily serving serves the retail, business services, and consumer products industry. They have recently worked for Baselworld, Goldsmiths and have produced a campaign for Game of Thrones.
    • The agency creates campaigns with a conscience. In other words, it tries to help brands with a look of the future and how they can be impactful for future generations. They have worked with brands such as Heinz, Plenty, and British government departments.
  5. FRANK
    • Their clients range from small to more well-known brands such as Burger King, Huwaei, KLM among others. They defend a self-created concept of “talkability“, which they describe as The buzz that takes over and does your best marketing for you.

Certainly, whether you choose to work with an agency, it is clear that influencer marketing is a step forward into the success of your business.

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